Amal Ahmed


Evanston, IL/ Dallas Texas

Amal Ahmed

Student journalist with an interest in environmental and energy reporting

Editor in Chief of Al Bayan Magazine at Northwestern University

Misplaced Texan and Pie Enthusiast


Vox Populi at the Legislature

A group of school children in bright orange shirts lined up outside the Capitol on Tuesday morning, before the sweltering afternoon heat and the protests peaked. “We won’t be able to go into the galleries because the special session just started,” an apologetic tour guide told one of the parent volunteers. I asked another parent if she knew about the special session and the planned rallies— she looked back at me blankly for a second.
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A Texas Company Wants to Spread Wind Power Across the U.S.

Houston-based Clean Line Energy Partners has grand plans for national expansion. Clean Line Energy Partners, much like myriad other companies based in Houston, is jockeying for the opportunity to provide energy to the rest of the country. “If you have gas in one area, you put it in a pipeline and ship it to where it’s needed,” says Sarah Bray, the Vice President of Communications at the company.
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Amal Ahmed

I'm currently a student at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, pursuing minors in environmental policy and Middle East and North African studies.

I have always loved writing, and as a journalist I love telling people's stories. I love learning new things and meeting people I never would have crossed paths with otherwise.

Currently, I'm a writer and editor for North by Northwestern's website. It's an award-winning, student-run publication which covers all aspects of campus life. I'm also an editor, writer and illustrator for Al Bayan Magazine, the Muslim Student Association's award-winning print magazine.

In the past, I've also written for the Dallas Morning News as a Student Voices columnist, and I spent a year on my high school's newspaper staff. I've even dabbled in coding, and I know enough HTML and CSS to get by.

For more information about my work experience and skills, you can download my resume or visit my LinkedIn profile.



  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Reporting, Writing
  • Transcribing
  • Copy Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Photo Editing
  • Microsoft Office
  • Organization
  • podcasting
  • Infographics